Iran Visa - Visa On Arrival in Iran 2017 - VOA

Iranian Visa - How to Get a Visa on Arrival in Iran? You: “Hello, I would like to apply for a 30-day tourist visa in Iran.” The officer is looking at your passport carefully but he doesn’t give you any form to fill out. Finally he looks up and starts asking questions. Officer: How many times have you been to Iran? You: This is my first time. Officer: What’s the purpose of your trip to Iran? You: I’m a tourist. Remember that the word “tourist” is a magic word in Iran; mentioning this word in your encounters with Iranians will save your time and money a lot! Officer: What do you do? What’s your job? Here, bearing Iran facts in your mind, you’d better be careful not to mention any occupation that The Islamic Republic tends to be sensitive about like all the jobs that are related to media, army, politics etc. So… You: I’m a student. Officer: Where are you going to stay? And give me a phone number from the place where you plan to stay. Now, the address and the phone number of the place of your stay are the most important pieces of information that the officer needs. There is nothing extra needed such as a registration number or registration email or anything. He wont even check to see whether you have a flight ticket out of Iran either. Then the officer will ask you to go to a bank next to the visa counter and pay for your visa on arrival in Iran (the price depends on your nationality, but it ranges from $50 to $70). Then You’ll wait for half an hour and finally will have the Iranian visa in your hand.
3th April 2017